Behind the Rosy Pictures: The Struggle of Social Movement in Aceh after Tsunami 

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This book is part of an effort to look critically at the social transformation works done by the NGOs. Involved in the reflection are KontraS Aceh (Commission for Disappearances and Victims of Violence), Prodeelat, Koalisi Perempuan Indonesia (Indonesian Women’s Coalition-Aceh), and Aliansi Jurnalis Independen (the Alliance of Independent Journalists) of Banda Aceh. This “learning from experience” sessions used the method of systematization of experiences (SoE).

From this book, we gain valuable knowledge from various actors who make various efforts to get out of the difficulties which they live with and Acehnese face. By relying on the experience of Aceh, a region with a unique history in the economic and political dynamics of the contemporary Indonesia, we draw lessons about the peculiarities of problem which the actors formulated and how they took the problem-solving strategies.

The spirit of reflection and evaluating the works of social change critically as done in this book should be appreciated and taken as ​​an example for activists of social change.

•Title: Behind the Rosy Pictures: The Struggle of Social Movement in Aceh after Tsunami •Author: Abu Mufakhir & Hanny Wijaya •Translator: Albertus B. Prasetyo •Editor: Cory Michael Rogers •Proofreader: Marsen Sinaga •Typesetter: Dwi Fajar •Cover design: Ong Hari Wahyu •Publisher: INSISTPress & Development and Peace •ISBN: 978-602-8384-90-2 •Edition: I, November 2014  •Collation: 14x21cm; x+198 page.

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