Indonesian Workers as Part of ASEAN Economic Community

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Many have asked, is Indonesia ready to make the most of ASEAN Economic Community? The questions have focused mainly on economic competition, i.e. trade, industrial competitiveness where anxious voices mention that Indonesia will collapse in the wake of the increasing competition.

This book was initiated by similar yet different question; is Indonesia ready to make the most of ASEAN Economic Community for the people? We are no longer talking about money or national income, but people; will the number of unemployed people be significantly decreased in the near future? Will more people get out of poverty? Will the ‘inclusive growth’ be enjoyed by the marginalised group of people?

This book gives particular focus on the issues of workers, most of the intra-ASEAN migrant workers are categorised as unskilled or semi-skilled workers (ILO and ADB, 2014), yet until present, only skilled workers have been granted freedom of moving across borders. The direction to which AEC might make change in the future is still uncertain. This gap is examined in the instituional and historical context in the essays in this volume.

•Title: Indonesian Workers as Part of ASEAN Economic Community •Editor: Nurul Azizah Zayzda •Contributor: Dana Zakaria Hasibuan, Nurul Azizah Zayzda, Oktavi Andaresta, Awe Tsamma, & Zaiyardam Zubir •Layouter, Calibration & print: Pustaka Sempu •Publisher: Kelompok Kerja untuk Daya Saing Indonesia (Working Group on Indonesian Competitiveness) Gadjah Mada University •ISBN: 978-602-71910-1-3 •Edition: I, Desember 2014. •Collation:  15x21cm; xi+121 pages.