History of civil conflict in Timor-Leste and the Indonesian invasion and occupation, and of the CAVR (Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation in East Timor) and the findings and recommendations of its Chega! report on violations of human rights in this period; told in cartoon format.

The book is packaged in 5 volumes:

  • Livru 1. Saida mak CAVR Hetan no Ninian rekomendasaun
  • Livru 2. Historia Konflitu
  • Livru 3. Direitu ba Autodeterminasaun
  • Livru 4. Violasaun Direitu Umanus I
  • Livru 5. Violasaun Direitu Umanus II

The contributors: Script: Galuh Wandita, Jose Luis de Olievera, Hugo Fernandes, Sandria Komalasari, and Dodi Yuniar | Illustrator: Ign. Ade | Photos: ICTJ, and STP-CAVR.

Publishing a book is a collaboration by: ICTJ, STP-CAVR, and INSISTPress, with support from the Norwegian Embassy, HIVOS, and the European Union.