A Journey Against Defeat: Narratives of Women’s Rejection of Poverty

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Going beyond the usual studies on poverty and gender, this research study records the powerful resilience of women in resisting impoverishment, in all its forms. Women’s resistance is long-term and traverses sectors and venues, but without the necessary support and organisation, it can be sporadic and unsystematic.

The law offers hope to women. The law needs to be encouraged to serve as a support, since it is relatively neutral and universal. For gender equality, the law needs to be constantly monitored and checked. Positive law needs to be aligned with the framework and norms of human rights –-particularly so for issues of violations of women’s rights. These cannot remain hidden away in domestic space or concealed by layers of culture.

•Title: A Journey Against Defeat: Narratives of Women’s Rejection of Poverty •Author: Lies Marcoes-Natsir and Anne Lockley •English translation: Edward Thornton, Abmi Handayani •Chief editor: Roem Topatimasang •Chief photographer: Armin Hari •Cover design: Armin Hari & Beta Pettawaranie •Compugraphics: Rumah Pakem •Publisher: INSISTPress, Rumah KitaB, & AIPJ-AusAID •ISBN: 978-602-8384-80-35 •Edition: I, April 2014 •Collation: Hardcover-fullcolor | 21 x 27 cm; xx + 257 pages.

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