People from the Hills of Flores: Nine Stories of Change


In Indonesia, Partners for Resilience includes the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI), Netherlands Red Cross, CARE International Indonesia, CIS Timor, Wetlands International Indonesia Programme (WIIP), Bina Swadaya Konsultan, INSIST (Indonesian Society for Social Transformation), Karina KWI (National Catholic Caritas Agency), and LPTP (Lembaga Pengembangan Teknologi Pedesaan – Rural Technology Development Agency). Between 2011 and 2015 the PfR program will be implemented in 36 villages in Nusa Tenggara Timur Province (NTT).

This volume contains nine short stories based on LPTP’s experiences in implementing the PfR program in the four target villages. The stories describe some of the activities that have been implemented by the local communities facilitated by LPTP. Through these stories LPTP and the four communities in Flores would like to share the learning and best practices gained from two years of program implementation between May 2012 and May 2014.

•Title: People from the Hills of Flores: Nine Stories of Change •Author: Research Team of LPTP (Lembaga Pengembangan Teknologi Pedesaan-Rural Technology Development Agency) •Text: Sumino dan Phoebe Pandyopranoto •Proofreader: Jerry Chamberland •Publisher: Partner for Resilience (PfR), LPTP, and Pustaka Sempu •ISBN: 978-602-8384-87-2 •Edition: I, September 2014 •Collation: 15 x 21cm; viii +70 pages.

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