Reconfiguration of Java Forest Management

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WACANA Journal No.25/2011 | Reconfiguration of Java Forest Management

Debates about forest and forestry in Indonesia in the last few decades tend to focus on forests outside of Java. These are even so when global issues such as climate change and Reducing Emission from Deforestation and Degradation in Developing Countries are not linked at all to Java. It seems as if forests in Java were not problematic. Even, there is the impression that Java had no forests at all. There are at least a number of unreasonable reasons. First, the forests in Java are not as large as in other islands such as Kalimantan and Papua. Second, forests in Java are no longer tropical forests, but monoculture forests that resemble tree plantation. Third, some parties (including the government) believe that forests in Java no longer involve such issues as borders and institutions. Even, some people believe that forest management in Java is the best modern forest management model di Indonesia that has been implemented and tested for years.

Forest management in Java has a very long history, even longer than the Republic of Indonesia. In such long history, many things happened and changed. Yet, some things remain since the colonial time to date. This is suffering. Forests are being more and more degraded, forestry production decreases. Social conflicts and poverty amongst people living around the forests persist amidst standing teak stocks that are continually diminishing.

For the above reason, system change in forest management in Java is urgent, not merely patchy reforms.

(EDI SUPRAPTO, Introduction: Reconfiguring Forest Management in Java, p.2-4)


  • Introduction | Reconfiguring Forest Management in Java | Edi Suprapto | p. 2-4
  • Analysis | Quo Vadis Forests in Java… | Totok Dwi Diantoro | p. 5-22
  • Analysis | Forest Company and the Illusion of Wealth: The Case of Perum Perhutani | Hariadi Kartodihardjo & Sudarsono Soedomo | p. 23-46
  • Analysis | Implementation of PHBM: From ‘Collaborative Management’ to ‘Cooptation Management’ | Rahmanta Setiahadi | p. 47-62
  • Analysis | Failure of Forest Management in Java | Ahmad Maryudi | p. 63-80
  • Analysis | People Forests as Ecological Savior in Java | Suryanto | p. 81-97
  • Book Review | Power Struggle in the High Land | Hery Santoso | p. 98 -111

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